Nanjing University Short Course

In summer 2015, Dr. Reynolds was invited to China and Nanjing University teaching a short course in bioanalytical chemistry. Dr. Reynolds was part of a team consisting of chemistry faculty from Colorado State University, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and University of Michigan. The summer courses were hosted by Nanjing University, but students also attended from Tsinghua University and Wuhan University.

Teaching at Nanjing University
Dr. Melissa Reynolds, Teaching bioanalytical chemistry at Nanjing University, China

CHIP: Colorado Higher-Education Interdisciplinary Program

Colorado Higher-Education Interdisciplinary Program

CHIP is an NSF-sponsored (GK-12) multi-disciplinary research and teaching program in biomedical engineering. The CSU program is focusd on the discovery and understanding of cell communication and has two components: a biosensor research project and the K-12 classroom experience. The research and design of the biosensor requires the cooperation of professors and graduate fellows in biology, chemistry, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, and mathematics. While working on research projects within their masters or doctoral programs, the graduate fellows also spend time each week in a K-12 classroom, developing and delivering lessons related to the project. Many of these lesson plans are then disseminated through the CHIP website for teachers across the country to access and use.

Graduate student Sarah Lantvit is a program fellow and Dr. Reynolds is one of the collaborating faculty members. Cherelle Bishop was a GK-12 program fellow who recently graduated from the Reynolds group. The links below highlight recent activities in the GK-12 program:

Cherelle Bishop

Individual CSU Courses Taught by Dr. Reynolds: